December: One Crazy Month!

Have you ever planned out an epic month, only to have it all derailed… into something more epic? Because that’s how my December went.

I didn’t plan far enough ahead to market for holiday orders in November. So, I figured my days leading up to Christmas would be spent creating for myself: holiday art, writing a holiday romance while watching all the Hallmark movies I could cram into a month… And I did do that, to an extent.

And then my awesome friends and followers surprised me! And kept me crazy busy. I didn’t realize how much I did in the past month until I started uploading pictures for this post. Here are all my December projects!

Glass Pieces

It all started with this piece, where I was trying to learn how to letter on glass… It’s now Brett’s favorite thing I’ve ever made.

…which was practice for this piece, a line from @wilderpoetry:

…and led to this piece, which a friend will place over her bed!

And then I got to letter another Mirror of Erised! This was also inspired by a piece I did for myself… but that one’s from way back in August.

Chalkboards & Chalkboard-esque Pieces

I got to do this piece for myself…

…then my friends wanted a political wedding sign. This one challenged me because typography isn’t my strong suit… but I think it turned out nice!

Then two friends from two completely different circles ended up asking me for the same verse on chalkboards in two different languages!


I made this for myself. Check out my recent blog post to see how I made it!

And this is exciting. I got my first Etsy orders from people who weren’t personal friends or family! I am so so happy that I got to help create these memories for clients who are celebrating very special milestones!

Man, that was a crazy month! I felt bad that I had dropped off on my pep talks for my 10 Minute Creative Challenge, but now I finally see how busy I was. And in such a good way.

Plans for 2019:

1. More creative pep talks. I’m thinking about calling them “Creativity Juice” and sharing my favorite podcasts, speeches, essays, and everything in between that help me stay motivated.

2. Book Reflections. For years, I’ve kept a reading log to help me remember all the books I’ve read. I’ll start using my blog to share my 2019 reads!

3. Bookmarks! On my Etsy! Coming soon! Here’s a preview:

Thank you so much for all your support, my friends! I am so grateful for you! Happy New Year!

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