Creativity Juice: Scotty Russell’s Perspective Podcast

This podcast is perfect for you if you are a lettering artist, creative, or creative who want to turn their art into a profession.

Need someone to kick you in the pants and tell you to get started already, but also do it in the chillest way possible? That’s what Scotty Russell does in his Perspective Podcast.

Scotty Russell @prspctv_cllctv

Scotty is a lettering artist who creates pieces I wish I could do. Check out @prspctv_cllctv on Instagram to see his work! He blows my mind with what he’s able to do with ink and paper.

His podcast is all about pursuing your creative lifestyle, whether that means creating at home for just yourself, or turning your artwork into a business. He firmly believes in the value of creativity.

I love that he has a real, honest voice. It’s reassuring to hear his own struggles and hopes as a creative entrepreneur; I don’t feel as alone in my own creative journey. Listening to him is like listening to your most honest friend. He’s not afraid to call you out on the biggest excuse to pursuing creativity: time management. But because he’s forgiving and kind as well, it comes out as inspiring instead of pushy.

Other things I love about Scotty Russell and his work:

  • His podcasts are relatively short. They’re usually anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes long–perfect for consumption during a dog walk or while running errands.
  • His website is chock-full of resources for lettering artists. He wants to educate. He doesn’t hold on to his trade secrets for the sake of competition.
  • He’s all about community. He gives you tips on engaging with other creatives and he makes a point to engage with his followers. He truly believes in the community over competition mindset that I love seeing among artists on social media.

I listen to The Perspective Podcast on Spotify. You can access it anywhere podcasts are available. At least try out the first one — it’s only 10 minutes long, and it’s a good sample of his voice and mission. Let me know how like it!

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