January + February Highlights

Coming out of the holidays is rough. You have that high of hot cocoa and carols and you’re screaming like Buddy the Elf–and then… it’s January. And all it is, is cold.

My 2019 has been hectic so far. Frantically grading and lesson planning, still trying to get used to my new job, and making room to create so that I can stay sane. I had grand goals for this season, but school took over. Nevertheless, I saw some growth and created some cool things, so I’m going to celebrate those little victories. Here’s an update on The Nerd Lady!


I’m learning just how much I love chalkboard designs. I want to make them my thing, I think. Or at least one of my things. So far in 2019, I made this bad boy for my school library:

Dinosaurs didn't read library chalkboard

My librarian and my principal are in love… so I’m going to take that as ten points to the new kid on campus.

quidditch points

I’ve got this design available as a digital download on my Etsy, and on various products on my Society6 and Redbubble shops! Click the links to go straight to the product pages.

I also made this for my home because January usually sucks for me. It’s just too cold and dreary of a month. And this January sucked, as usual. But this board helped to remind me to find magic in each day:

the world is full of magical things waiting patiently for our senses to grow
(Also, hi, that’s me in the piano)

Shop Updates

I’ve snuck in quite a few new designs on my Society6 and Redbubble shops. Here are a few… see my shop fronts for more!

Psst… insider information: Society6 frequently runs sales. Keep your eyes out for 25%-40% off sales (I’ll share when I can)! They happen all the time around holidays.

Literary Bookmarks

watercolor bookmarks by swapna gardner

I’ve started creating watercolor bookmarks with literary quotes. I was planning on making more with more intricate designs, but couldn’t find the time with all my grading. I’m planning on picking up again this spring. In the meantime, check out the designs that I’ve got on Etsy!

Blog Posts

This one I’m legitimately proud of. I have little goals for the growth of my blog, and this season, it was consistency and promotion. With just a few lapses, I’ve been able to keep up two posts a week. I’m aiming to do one literary post (book reviews for the most part, but recently I shared a favorite poem, and I may continue doing that) and one related to lettering/creativity every week. Check out 2019’s posts below:

…and that was pretty much it! I’ve got some amazing commissions in the works. Spring Break is my time to catch up on all that. I cannot wait to get my hands on those boards, canvases, and paints! Plus, taking a break from grading to have a bit of wine and create is going to be so very nice.

Remember to find more of my daily adventures in lettering and creativity on Instagram @nerdladydraws! Stay nerdy, my friends!

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