My Favorite Business Resource: Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger Podcast

I’m a total n00b when it comes to business. In fact, selling makes me really uncomfortable. I would much rather create and just feel appreciated. …but I’ve also got to pay the bills.

Which is why I need Jenna Kutcher.

Jenna is a corporate marketing specialist, turned photographer, turned business coach and educator. Her website is chock full of helpful, FREE resources for new entrepreneurs and influencers. On her podcast, she shares her own business advice–lessons she’s learned from working for herself for nearly a decade–as well as interviews other entrepreneurs who share their stories and advice.

Her target audience is the #girlboss. All of her guests are women who have, in some way, given up the traditional 9-to-5 to be a different kind of working woman. Many of them turned their side-hustles into their primary income, and were finally able to quit that job they hated. I mean, don’t we all? Although Jenna speaks mostly to female entrepreneurs, I think there’s a lot to learn for anyone interested in business here.

I love listening to the Goal Digger Podcast on my way home from work. Jenna’s got an authentic voice, and I genuinely enjoy listening to the “How I Got Here” stories from each of her guests. If you like interview/talk show podcasts and you want business advice, you’ve got to try this one.

Listening to her podcast has helped me improve my @nerdladydraws Instagram feed, build my website and blog, and learn how to better market my own products and blogs. I’ve found new favorite accounts to follow, drool over, and learn from–my favorites are Morgan Harper Nichols’s visual poetry and Local Milk’s website.

As a businessperson, I’m still a complete novice. I’m amazed at what Jenna has been able to accomplish (and, as I always get when I see people younger than me succeed–just a teensy bit jealous). Her podcast keeps giving me ideas for new things to try and play with. I insist on listening to all her podcasts in order, and I’m still not caught up yet. Here are my favorites of the ones I’ve listened to lately:

Not included in this list, but need to be mentioned: many of her episodes give you digital marketing strategies (how to use e-mail lists, batch work for Instagram and Pinterest, how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, etc.) She repeats these ideas throughout her episodes, so even if you missed a detail earlier, she’ll probably revisit it.

I hope this resource helps you (or the girlboss in your life) improve your own business goals! I’m still on the lookout for business/creative podcasts that have a similar personable voice. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!

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