13 Bookish Stickers for Your Water Bottle!

The best Etsy tip I’ve applied recently: don’t go on vacation mode!

I usually put my shop in vacation mode after my last Christmas shipment, but this year, I decided to stay online. It motivated me to create new sticker designs and grow my shop! Plus, it’s been fun to keep connecting with people after the holidays have ended.

Here are my newest stickers, including links to their Etsy listings!

Hufflepuff House Combination Crests

Gryffinpuff: Gryffindor + Hufflepuff

For the brave ones who like to snack after their grand adventures! Link to sticker on Etsy.

And if you don’t like “Gryffinpuff” and prefer “Huffledor” or some other portmanteau, here’s the crest sans label:

Find this on Etsy!

The same goes for Slytherpuff and Ravenpuff! Label-free crests for those who prefer “Hufflerin,” “Huffleclaw,” or something else!

Feisty and cuddly? You sound like you’re in Slytherpuff. Find this on Etsy!

(Psst… a secret: I may like these more than my original Slytherpuff and Ravenpuff crest designs!)

Grab your Huffleclaw sticker on Etsy!


This one is inspired by the recent book-banning craze in the nation.

OoOoOoh Watch out for those “dangerous” librarians and teachers! Grab woke disclaimer here!

And I can’t leave off the most famous warning in all of literature!

This is such a niche design. This is for you English teachers who teach Julius Caesar, or the drama teacher who is brave enough to make a production of this! Or, gasp, for the even rarer student who loves Caesar! Find this on Etsy!

A Clear Sticker That’s Hard to Photograph, but Absolutely Gorgeous:

I wish I knew how to take better pictures of clear things. I promise it’s pretty. Here’s the Etsy link!

Favorite Samwise Gamgee Quote!

For the potato lover, the second breakfast eater, the true hobbit at heart. Etsy link here.

For the English Teachers Who Will ALWAYS Make Room in the Curriculum for This Around Halloween:

This is for those of you rush through your other October curriculum just to make room to read Edgar Allan Poe on exactly October 31. I know you. I *am* you. Grab this on Etsy!

Did you know a wyrm is a type of dragon? We’ve got to flood the market with Book Dragon merch!

An ideal gift for the cool guy English teacher or the lover of fantasy books! Grab this here.

I was going for a battle crest with this one–Look fierce enough?

I imagined I was a viking as I scratched out those rough edges on my iPad! Grab this here!

The Newest “Read Dangerously” Tattoo-Inspired Design!

My original “Read Dangerously” tattoo-style sticker was inspired by the start of all this book banning back in 2020… things have gotten worse, so I wanted to revisit the design with something even more badass. Grab this new sticker design here!

While We’re Being Hardcore… A “Born to Read/Read or Die” Biker Inspired Sticker!

Why, yes, I *did* have to learn how to draw a skull to pull this one off. And I AM IN LOVE. I hope you love this badass as much as I do! Grab him here!

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming up next this year! I’m thinking… 90s inspired designs and starting to offer PRINTS! Find me on Instagram @nerdladydraws to stay up to date on my newest ideas!

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