2019: A Year of Saying, “Why Not?” to New Adventures

This year was surprising in the best of ways. I like to keep my expectations low and my goals manageable–a bit of self-preservation so I don’t get too disappointed. This year, I either set my goals too low in January, or I just lucked out. Either way, I’m delighted with how the year turned out!

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The Making of Our 2019 Family Ornament

Every year since we got married, I’ve made an ornament to remember the past year in our family. This year was a bit tough. We didn’t have huge milestones as a family. We had individual celebrations. We had grief to share.

It took until Christmas Eve for me to finally figure out something to commemorate the year… and it’s silly, but it was a lovely little moment of magic that I’d like to remember forever: Jaya’s first movie, Frozen 2.

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