Nursery Quotes for a Nerdy Baby Girl

I am lucky to be friends with the coolest human beings in the world. Allow me to describe them to you and make you wish you knew them, too: scientists, bookworms, PhDs (both of them… their brown parents are so proud), Potterheads, crossword lovers, and ridiculously supportive of each other. They had their engagement shoot at Half Price Books. That’s how cool and perfect they are.

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Spring Semester Wrap-Up: Projects and Designs from March to May

I know, I know. We’re nearly a month into summer, and here I am doing a spring semester wrap-up. Things have been busy, OK?! I shared many of these projects as I did them, either on the blog or on Instagram, but there are a few that feel like I did them secretly. I never got around to sharing them on social media, so–what a sign of the times–it feels like they don’t exist yet. Here are all my fun projects from spring semester!

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