My First Experience as an Art Vendor!

Last week, on a rainy Saturday, I had my first experience selling my art in a festival setting! It was one of those things that I thought I would never do–my personality just isn’t right for selling my art in person, I thought. But, y’all, it was fun. Here’s the story of how it came to be!

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From Instagram Message to Nursery Decor: The Making of the Moon Board!

When I started The Nerd Lady, one of my many hopes for my creative projects was to create artwork that could get girls excited about science and adventure. I wanted to create dinosaur and outer space art for little girls like mine so they could dream about discovery and exploration. There’s plenty of this for boys, but not much for girls. As I started focusing more and more on literary lettering, however, I let go of this hope.

Until this year.

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January + February Highlights

Coming out of the holidays is rough. You have that high of hot cocoa and carols and you’re screaming like Buddy the Elf–and then… it’s January. And all it is, is cold.

My 2019 has been hectic so far. Frantically grading and lesson planning, still trying to get used to my new job, and making room to create so that I can stay sane. I had grand goals for this season, but school took over. Nevertheless, I saw some growth and created some cool things, so I’m going to celebrate those little victories. Here’s an update on The Nerd Lady!

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