How Bob Ross Kept Me From Giving Up

Ever say “yes” to a project, then panic mid-project because you don’t think you can do it? That’s what happened to me with Lindsay’s giant Peter Pan canvas. This was a project that challenged me and grew me as an artist, and one which taught me that a little bit of persistence and hope can have a huge impact!

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I did it again!: The North Texas Wine and Brew Music Festival and My Second Vendor Booth Experience

I just attended my second festival this year as a vendor! My first one was the Rockwall Comic Fest, which was an awesome entry into the world of selling artwork in person. It was free, the crowd was exactly my demographic (book nerds), and, as a school fair, it was low pressure.

The North Texas Wine and Brew Music Festival was the next step up. I had to rent a space, I had no clue about the crowd other than that they loved drinking and music, and it was expected to have thousands of attendants. It was also their first year to hold the event, so there was the added risk that something would fall through. But, man. It worked out. And I’m so glad I did it. Here’s how it all went down.

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January + February Highlights

Coming out of the holidays is rough. You have that high of hot cocoa and carols and you’re screaming like Buddy the Elf–and then… it’s January. And all it is, is cold.

My 2019 has been hectic so far. Frantically grading and lesson planning, still trying to get used to my new job, and making room to create so that I can stay sane. I had grand goals for this season, but school took over. Nevertheless, I saw some growth and created some cool things, so I’m going to celebrate those little victories. Here’s an update on The Nerd Lady!

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Creativity Juice: Scotty Russell’s Perspective Podcast

This podcast is perfect for you if you are a lettering artist, creative, or creative who want to turn their art into a profession.

Need someone to kick you in the pants and tell you to get started already, but also do it in the chillest way possible? That’s what Scotty Russell does in his Perspective Podcast.

Scotty Russell @prspctv_cllctv
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