A Classic Remix

You might like this book if you…

  • are a fan of Pride and Prejudice,
  • enjoy YA books that explore coming of age in a world rife with social prejudices,
  • like sassy leading ladies,
  • want to be transported into the world of Afro-Latino culture in Brooklyn,
  • are looking for a strong #ownvoices book,
  • want to listen to an audiobook read by a New Yorker with poetry and soul in her voice
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Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone

You Might Like This Book If You…

  • Enjoy fantasy
  • Enjoy YA fiction that explores current events & identity
  • Are curious about a fantasy with a non-Western mythological foundation
  • Love Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Story

The kingdom of Orisha is composed of two races of people: Maji, people with white hair who have the potential to access a wide range of magical powers, and Kosidans, people without magic. Years ago, the king of Orisha ordered the killing of all Maji, leaving only their children, who had not yet matured into their powers. He then went on to break their connection with the source of their powers so that the young could never hold magic.

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