Welcome, Nerds!

I’m Swapna, a Dallas-based educator, lettering artist, bookworm, and all-around nerd. I am also an unabashed superfan of books, dinosaurs, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones (to name a few).

I specialize in creating handlettered artwork in which I can relish the beauty of every word. I see each commission as a collaborative effort: I get to play with design ideas, you get to find your perfect style, and we both participate in a process in which we grow together.

If you’d like me to create something for your event, home, or office, let’s start a conversation! Contact me here! If you love nerding out over books, TV, and art, find me on Instagram @nerdladydraws or check out my blog!

Thanks for visiting, and remember: Stay nerdy, my friends.