Hi, I’m Swapna!

Book nerd, dinosaur lover, and Dallas-based handlettering artist

Being nerdy is a magical thing.

I love that my fellow nerds are unapologetically odd, wearing their passions on their sleeves and always ready to talk about fan theories for hours. Indulging our nerdy interests reconnects us to our childhood, and shouting them out allows us to find our “people,” no matter where we go.

I create designs that allow you to shout out your love of books through stickers, posters, t-shirts, and more!

My work appeals to that inner child who wants to scour the internet for images and quotes from that one cartoon that you want to hoard and hold onto forever. Find unique, quirky gifts for your favorite teacher, librarian, or bibliophile in my online storefronts here! me on Instagram @nerdladydraws.

I can’t stop there — I also create custom handlettered signs and paintings for homes, businesses, and events!

In true nerd form, I can’t just stick to one thing. I design chalkboards, paint canvases, and write on mirrors in order to add a magical sparkle to ordinary spaces. I am a creative problem solver, and I love working closely with clients to create the perfect vibe they are looking for.

Nerd out with me on Instagram @nerdladydraws!