English teacher by day, creative soul by night. 

Nerd. All day, every day.

I’m Swapna, a DFW teacher, a reader, a writer, a lover of sci-fi and fantasy, a disciple of the magnificent human imagination, and above all, a nerd.

My first foray into lettering was in 6th grade, when I attempted to build friendships by writing my peers’ names in pretty styles so that they could post them onto their binders. Since then, I have crafted several gift pieces for friends and family over the years. In Spring 2017, I officially began to learn the art of lettering through YouTube and Instagram videos. I began sharing my daily practices through Instagram @nerdladydraws in May 2017. There, you’ll get to see my nerdy passions in literature, film, and television!

My skills include lettering and typography with watercolor, ink, chalkboards and whiteboards, and digital media. I would love to create a custom piece for your event, home, or classroom!